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Guiness Book of World Record in DOTA 2

“Guiness Book of World Record in DOTA 2
World first Perpendicular Shackleshot”

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Genre/Style: Strategy/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 01/JAN/12
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shackles angle was 17.5 deegres 3 versions ago , icefrog nerfed it to 12.5 deegres . this is more than 30 deegres . this is shit , should be fixed. end of story. some say delay , should've been the same for other projectiles but it's not.
1. Shackleshot's angle is not based on Windrunner's position. It's based on the direction in which the projectile is flying at the point of impact. This makes it possible to land "curved shackleshots" which tend to be the majority of the crazy shackleshots.

2. In Dota1, the area that Shackleshot could latch to was determined in a really weird way due to engine limitations (basically it'd draw a square box behind the hero in the direction the projectile was flying and pick a tree from inside that box. The WC3 engine cannot detect triangular areas.) It's safe to assume in Dota2 the spell actually uses the correct triangular area to pick its targets, and this may result in some angles and ranges that WC3 Dota wouldn't get.
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